Chevy Silverado ‘Strong’ Song Videos by Will Hoge

Grammy nominated country recording artist Will Hoge has been inspired enough by the Chevy Silverado to write a song about it. “Strong” will debut tomorrow during Independence Day festivities in the state of Texas, where one out of every six pickup trucks in America are sold. Keep in mind when you watch the videos below that these are not paid actors. Rather, the families featured in “Strong” are real life Chevy Silverado drivers and the song reflects their values of being strong, hardworking honest and dependable men and women.

Tim Mahoney, Global Chevrolet chief marketing officer, said “There is no more appropriate place to launch the new Silverado campaign than in Texas, the heart of truck country, and no better way to launch it than through music. The song ‘Strong’ celebrates Silverado owners who are as dependable and capable as their trucks. Chevrolet has a long-standing relationship with music, and Chevys have been mentioned in more than 800 popular songs,” said Mahoney. “The lyrics to ‘Strong’ were inspired by the Silverado and the people who drive them. We think this original song and our all-new Silverado harmonize perfectly.”

The “Strong” anthem for Silverado isn’t the only thing that Chevy is planning on sharing across the United States, they intend to keep this truck busy with all types of customer activities including NASCAR races, showing up at music venues, sporting events, and events and activities included in the Silverado partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council.

If you are all ready driving a Chevy Silverado, you can relax, open a cold one and listen to the words Will Hoge is singing about you. If you aren’t driving one, you can get your hands on a brand new one that has three new EcoTec3 engine choices including a best fuel economy V8 as they show up at dealerships later this summer.

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Author: Jon Rogers

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