Chrysler 200 to be redesigned for 2014

The evolution of the reliable Chrysler Sebring into the 200 is set to take a more radical step with the release of a new restyled 200 in the first quarter of 2014.

That was the news confirmed by Chrysler Senior Vice President of Design Ralph Gilles recently, who revealed some details about the new model that generated considerable interest for fans of mid-size sedans and convertibles.

Most striking about the 2014 200, which should debut at motor shows this year, is its eye-watering 38mpg fuel economy, which comes in no small part thanks to a nine speed transmission. This is an 8mpg increase on the 2012 200, and should make the car a real contender in its class as one of the most economic options out there. Engine-wise, the new model is expected to stick with four cylinders and drop the six cylinder version. However the other major development could well be in styling and design, with the Vice President suggesting a cutting-edge look would replace the rather bland shape of the first 200.

Of course that car evolved directly from the successful Chrysler Sebring, which in its first incarnation came out in the mid-nineties and did rather well for the American carmaker. With coupe and convertible versions (a choice the 2014 200 is expected to maintain) the Sebring handled well especially on open roads, and developed a reputation as a solid motor. Certainly it did well enough for the company to bring out subsequent generations, including bringing the Sebring to the European market in the early 2000s.

The last serious styling effort was made with the launch of the 2008 convertible, with styling cues taken from the Chrysler Crossfire. If anything it was not style that saw the Sebring come to the end of the line, but rather the new emphasis on fuel type and economy, as many thought the European model in particular suffered from the lack of a diesel version.

With the almost unsurpassed mpg statistics listed above,  Chrysler’s engineers are hoping fuel economy, as well as the latest redefined style, will see the Sebring’s successor hit the heights next year.

Author: Glenn Gutierrez

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