Elio Motors Ready for 2014 Production Date for Ultra-Small Car

What you see in the image is an small car, even though we are wondering whether it should be called something different, such as an enclosed motorcycle or something else altogether. It is scheduled to begin production around June of next year and one of the most amazing things about it, you can drive it home free, not have traditional car payments, although you will eventually pay the low price of $6,800 to be able to call the vehicle yours.

Paul Elio, founder of Elio Motors has not only created a brand new car, he’s created a brand new way to pay for it. How it works is instead of signing up for a traditional monthly payment schedule, you will instead sign up for a special gas credit card, then, every time you get gas you will be charged triple the amount. For example, if you put $10 in your gas tank, $20 would go to pay off your car. Considering this vehicle gets 84 miles per gallon, it’s going to be pretty easy for you to go through the month without paying very much – for gas, or toward your car.

This unusual ultra-small car has a front and back seat, so you can fit one driver and one passenger, or one driver and some small carryon baggage. It could be perfect for the city commuter who doesn’t have a convenient car pool option, or for those who aren’t worried about packing in the kids, groceries and everything else but the kitchen sink on their road trips.

This funny little car has no fancy new technology; it’s just a gas, fuel-injected motor. The goal is to produce 250,000 annually and this will be done in a 1.8 million square foot facility in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is a former General Motors plant that Paul Elio bought in order to start creating this tiny cars.

Source Detroit Free Press

Author: Jon Rogers

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