Hyundai Drivers Offered Lump Sum to Settle MPG Cases

While many of the automakers have gotten into trouble at some point in time for misrepresenting their fuel ratings, Hyundai Kia seems to be hit the hardest with thirty eight class action lawsuits to date from drivers who want to “Make them Pay”. Whether these drivers are more lawsuit happy than the rest, or if Hyundai and Kia went way overboard with their claims is a puzzle, but it did prompt the EPA to step in and finally agree to improve on the way it works with automakers and offering more realistic fuel economy labels.

The rumors are flying about what the approximate damages are for Hyundai in this unfortunate chain of events, but some sources are saying it’s around the $775 million range. This is due to a whopping 900,000 vehicles being  involved in incorrect MPG numbers posted on the window stickers. There are more cars involved in the same claim that had gone to a class action lawsuit, for the Hyundai Elantra before this bigger debacle began. Hyundai has decided to go ahead and settle out of court by offering lump sum payments to unhappy drivers, Kia is still on the fence in regard to how they want to proceed.

Kia Motors America spokesman Scott McKee commented, “Kia Motors America’s priority is and will remain making things right for our customers, which is why we are offering to compensate all current and former owners of affected vehicles, using MPG ratings adjustments for the full length of their vehicle ownership.”

Hyundai drivers involved in the class action lawsuits should expect more news about this lump sum payout soon. If you bought a used car, you will get half of what  new car drivers will get in this settlement. You will also be able to opt for 150% of the lump sum payment in dealer service credits, or 200% of that sum in new car rebates instead of cash if you prefer.

Source Automotive News

Author: Dylan Roderick

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