If Engineers Designed Supercars

Unfortunately for engineers, accountants and stylists usually put a monkey wrench in their best laid plans. Because of this GrabCad decided to give engineers the chance to design a body for a readymade chassis. This chassis is by the 500 Group. Within forty days, almost 200 unique designs were completed. These designs are judged for street and track. The General Motors Special Projects have agreed to partner with the 500 Group to produce one or more of the winning designs.

GrabCAD is an online community that hosts about 195,000 mechanical engineers. This gives the engineers the ability to share their designs and talents with the world. If a company is looking for crowd-source solutions to their most challenging design issues, or need to find an engineer to contract with for special design projects, the GrabCAD community offers all those resources. They also offer an extensive catalog of free design models among other resources and benefits for its worldwide base of members.

GrabCAD created the supercar design contest in partnership with the 500 Group which is an intellectual property company. This is one of the first and largest crowd sourcing design competition that will actually be scheduled for production. The winners are chosen by the most number of “likes” from fellow engineers.

The chassis they designed for uses a number of General Motors performance parts. The designs will make use of the E-Rod LS3, LS7, or supercharged LS9 V8 engine. This super LS9 engine gives an amazing 638 horsepower. One chassis, without the body has already been completed and is ready for testing. The winning design(s) will be used for this chassis and scheduled for a 2013 launch.

Watch the video and you can also view all the submissions and learn more information about this competition at http://grabcad.com/challenges/supercar-body-challenge

Author: Glenn Gutierrez

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