New "ElectriPlast" Material Makes Cars Even Lighter-Coming Soon

Integral Technologies, Inc., the developer of an innovative electrically conductive resin-based material called “ElectriPlast, has announced a break-through into the automotive marketplace of patented technology.

New "ElectriPlast" Material Makes Cars Even Lighter-Coming Soon

New "ElectriPlast" Material Makes Cars Even Lighter-Coming Soon

A Tier 1 automotive supplier that Integral has been working with has notified the company that ElectriPlast has passed all tests for use by a prestigious European automaker in a 2012 model.  The new ElectriPlast blend has been tested and received Underwriters Laboratory approval satisfying all tensile strength and shielding requirements, even outperforming the aluminum part it will replace at some frequencies.  The ElectriPlast parts will yield even greater weight reductions than prior blends.  The ElectriPlast parts will be carried on the 2012 model that will be introduced in the fall of 2011 when final approval is received.  The supplier has advised Integral that it is funding research and development to include ElectriPlast in other possible applications for 2013 models by the automaker as well.

Additionally, a second automotive supplier in Tier 1 has inform Integral has passed all testing to date to be included in the 2013 model of another leading European automaker.

Energy-efficient and innovative, ElectriPlast is an electrically conductive resin pellet that can be molded into virtually any dimension or shape associated with plastics, rubbers or other polymers at low cost.  The new blend tested successfully for the European automaker is the result of continuing research and development toward blends reducing the products weight and maintaining and improving its shielding capabilities.

Supporting green technology, ElectriPlast is distinctly different from metal and does not require secondary processing and uses conventional machinery.  40-60% lighter than metals now used in electrical applications, it is more energy efficient and according to Integral the weight savings meet or exceed all the shielding and strength requirements of certain metal auto parts to be 40 pounds per vehicle.

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Author: Becky Donaldson

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