Nissan's Leaf Being Driven in Government's Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

The Nissan Leaf,  Nissan’s very first 100 percent electric vehicle, was part of a 116-car fleet chosen by the U.S. government for their employees and recently handed out to twenty government agencies.  The Department of Energy and the Department of Defense, were chosen to be part of the government’s new Electric Vehicle Pilot Program.

Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration Martha Johnson said the program is “the next big step” in adopting smarter, more advanced automotive technology. This move puts the government closer to its goal of putting 1 million advanced vehicles on American roads by 2015. Even though the fleet is only 116 cars, this small grouping of electric vehicles is expected to save an unbelievable 29,000 gallons of gas. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 260 tons, and save an impressive $109,000 in taxpayer dollars per year.

Nissan's Leaf Being Driven in Government's Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

Nissan's Leaf Being Driven in Government's Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

Not only this, because the U.S. government isn’t alone in its desire to go green while saving money. Consumers are also anxious to grab the gas savings for themselves and reduce their carbon footprint. Many customers have been looking forward to driving the Nissan Leaf before its nationwide release. The first models are making their way to select U.S. dealerships.

“The Leaf is already a popular option for car buyers,” says Route 22 Nissan manager Joe Gorr. “Never before has there been such a stylish, affordable all-electric model with so many great option packages on the American market. We’re excited to share it with the public.” The Route 22 Nissan website even features an interactive guide to all the features and benefits of the electric vehicle and includes information about the Nissan LEAF Education Initiative, which helps parents teach kids about their impact on the environment.

“We wanted to give customers the option to learn all about Nissan’s first 100% electric car right from home so they can be better informed when they come in for a test drive,” says Gorr. Customers who want to test drive the Leaf can even make reservations on the information page at Lines are already forming to try out the revolutionary vehicle, so interested buyers should log on soon.

Author: John Storey

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