November 2012 Automotive Sales Numbers Are In

Everyone has been interested, yet hesitant about taking a peak at the November 2012 car sales numbers because of the obvious fact of how Superstorm Sandy’s destruction. In her wake, we were left with a catastrophic infrastructure and countless people having to start all again to recover the losses including their homes and living for days on end without utilities and well, all the other traumatizing aftermath. No one was quite sure how this upset would affect car sales, from the looks of it though, as people began to replace their lives, replacing their destroyed vehicles created a boost in sales for some automotive companies.

Surprisingly though was how those sales went up. Honda was the sure champion in the entire group. Their sales climbed to a 41% increase by selling 104,224 units in just thirty days. That is 30,208 more vehicles sold over the same sales month in 2011. That should help them make up some for their dramatic decrease in Chinese sales. Subaru went up the most percentage wise, an entire 60% over the same time in 2011. They were able to get rid of 28,206 units. BMW also did very well by increasing sales to 45%. The German automaker sold 21,213 models in November. Toyota’s increase was much smaller, but it was still an increase and that’s always a good thing. They went up 17% in sales by selling 20,747 models. Dodge and Volkswagen couldn’t be left out, they increased by 32% and 29% respectively.

Both Ford and General Motors saw increases, but not up to par with the other automakers. Ford was able to increase sales by 6.5%, while General Motors only saw an increase by 3.4%. That increase is due to an accumulative average of a 22% increase in Buick sales, a 30+% increase in Cadillac sales and a decrease in Chevy sales.

Source Autoblog

Author: Glenn Gutierrez

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