Racing Infographic Pits NASCAR Against Formula 1

A few days before Thanksgiving and race fans now have some great information to bring to the family debate about whether NASCAR or Formula 1 is the best racing circuit ever. Red Bull, sponsors of Formula 1 have put together an interesting, if somewhat biased infographic that points out details to try to prove which is the best between NASCAR and Formula 1 overall. Whether it will change die hard NASCAR fans minds is doubtful though.

Red Bull sponsors Sebastian Vettel who recently raced at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. This is what probably inspired the infographic. While it is quick to point out the NASCAR has 182,000 fans attending American events, Formula 1 has 298,000 in attendance at Australian Grand Prix events. United States fans may not care so much about that fact though.

The racing infographic also shows how NASCAR has 50 entrants while Formula 1 has only 24 racers hoping to win. The Formula 1 cars will go about 205, while NASCAR stock cars end up reaching about 200. This is with 2Gs from NASCAR drivers for lateral force and 5Gs for Formula 1 drivers. Maybe that’s why Formula 1 drivers end up getting paid so much more, although attendance is really the main factor in their bank roll. The highest paid Formula 1 driver is Fernando Alonso. He rakes in $37 million a year. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on the other hand only pulls in $28 million a year from NASCAR, but that’s still more than many will make in their lifetime, let alone in 365 days.

You can print the infographic out and take it to your relatives to chew on along with their Turkey feasts this Thursday. We imagine NASCAR fans aren’t really going to be impressed, but maybe it will give you all the idea to buy race tickets for each other for the holiday season. After all, the Australians can’t be having all the fun.

Source Red Bull

Author: John Storey

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