Releasing Fisker Karma over the market even if it’s not yet ready to be launched

Fisker Karma seemed to be unfinished and still under improvement when it was suddenly released. Despite that, the Karma extended range EV still suffers from numerous technical issues together with the software updates and faulty battery packs. It was pushed to be launched prematurely just to catch up their production to stay in compliance with the Department of Energy loan requirements.

We heard the statement of one former Fisker employee and he says that there’s no surprise at all with this issue. Well, it is really not professional to produce imperfect cars and exhibit it for purchase because it can deal risk to the buyer. Knowing that the car has flaws, they are just covering their mistakes in order to satisfy DOE.

On the other portion, Fisker stated that for them, the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their buyers are what matters the most for them. The quality and satisfaction is also what they are working out and at the top list of their priorities. It is nice that Fisker is willing to provide an immediate solution whenever any issue comes up. Drivers are given permission to access the 24 hour VIP help line whenever there is an existence of any technical problem.

The time when DOE granted the company with $529 million load in year 2009, Fisker was severely affected the portion of the fund because of the delays when the development of Karma started.

Author: Ron Halpert

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