Senior Citizen Drivers Considered for Crash Test Ratings

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is finally getting around to creating a crash test rating system that will include a “Silver” rating to give senior drivers the opportunity to find out what are the safest vehicles for their needs. This new rating system will also incorporate crash prevention technology into the current five star rating system.

A current National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notice states: “In 2013, we plan to conduct focus group testing to determine if consumers would like alternative methods of having advanced technology information communicated and if ratings of advanced technologies, rather than the current approach of recommending advanced technologies, are preferred.”

This focus group will have representatives from 12 automakers including General Motors, Ford and Toyota among others. This group is not making any comments until it has had more of an opportunity to look over the NHTSA proposed changes.

Some of the new rating system will include factors such as cars that offer inflatable seat belts. They are also hoping to encourage new safety technologies that will include features that could help prevent unintended acceleration if the wrong pedal is accidently hit. Of course forward collision warnings, lane departure warnings and rear view cameras are also going to be part of that rating system.

While these new rating systems are great news for older drivers and their loved one’s peace of mind, some people are raising eyebrows at the timing at the release of this new information. Days earlier, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration came out with controversial attempts to push “noncontroversial” rules and regulations through the system. While driving safety for seniors seems like  a no brainer to have passed through, we have to wonder what other “noncontroversial” rules and regulations would also be passed through without the current due diligence required.

Source Automotive News

Author: Glenn Gutierrez

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