Tesla Model S Annual Service Plan Required for Warranty

Many people are grumbling about the annual service plan fee being set to a whopping $600 per year for the Tesla Model S, especially since it is a mandatory fee if you want to keep your warranty intact. Compared to the Chevy Volt, the annual service plan for the Tesla is $550 more expensive. Apparently it covers quite a bit more though, so that cost may balance out, or at least Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks so.

CEO Elon Musk comments, “We are matching service cost to be less than a Mercedes of comparable purchase price. Some manufacturers incorporate more of the service cost in the purchase price of the car and/or have extra items that aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This basically amounts to $50/month and covers all software upgrades as well as concierge level service, whereas other manufacturers make few to zero vehicle system upgrades post-purchase, and service is less than great.”

There is no confirmation about whether Tesla Model S drivers will get software upgrades if they opt out of the service plan agreement or not. But the service agreement covers essentials such as the software upgrades, remote diagnostics, roadside assistance, windshield wipers, brakes and system monitoring. This all seems fair and with the amount of gas money saved, drivers should still come out ahead. The question will be if a driver wants a vehicle that has a higher maintenance obligation included with it or not.

Along with the obligatory $600 annual service plan agreement to keep the warranty, drivers must also use only Tesla shops for any kind of service. That adds another factor in to whether drivers will want to agree to added obligations in order to remain protected under the warranty or not. At this point, only 9% of those driving or who have ordered a Tesla Model S feel that’s a fair amount. Hopefully Tesla will take note and do their best to keep more customers happy.

Source Green Car Reports

Author: Dylan Roderick

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