Texas Toll Road Shooting for 85 MPH Speed Limit

Not only is everything big in Texas, Texans want it fast too. While Montana had held the record for its fast lane highways and byways back in the mid 90s due to no speed limits, those times are gone and Texas has been the place to go if you want to drive fast in America. Otherwise, you’ll have to take the trip to Germany to travel the Autobahn. While Texas currently has the record for the highest speed limit in the United States, it is looking to outdo itself by adding another five miles per hour to a toll road near Austin. This speed limit will be a fun to drive 85 miles per hour.

While many of us may think 85 miles per hour will set the highway up for more, and much worse accidents, the Speed Management Director for the DOT states the toll road, specifically Texas State Highway 130, “was designed under extremely high design parameters.” While the legislature for the 85 miles per hour speed limit was passed, the official miles per hour limit will not be official yet. The final limit will not be announced until stringent testing is completed once the toll road is completed. The design is focused on allowing the higher speed though because it is thought that it will encourage more drivers to use the toll road which will help lighten the congestion on the local freeways.

Tests will be conducted to determine the final limit once the road is completed, but officials think an 85 mph limit will make the toll road a draw and help lessen congestion on the local freeways. If it does work out, this will make the Texas speed limit one of the top in the world. Poland and Abu Dhabi both have maximum speed limits of 86 miles per hour.

Source Fox News

Author: Miles

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