UAW Calls for Profiteering Investigation Against Romney for Bailouts He Opposed

The United Autoworkers Union has jumped on the blame train and would like to have Romney investigated for making money from the automotive industry bailouts that he opposed from the beginning. This, just days before the election leaves everyone wondering what the UAW’s intentions are for this tactic, some say there is a valid conflict of interests between Romney becoming President of the United States, and the fact that a company he is invested in made profits during the time the bailouts were being worked out. The other side says that if it wasn’t for the UAW, there wouldn’t have had to be bailouts in the first place. The rest of us are left scratching our heads because there are so many conflicting reports about who said or did what that the American people may never fully get to the bottom of any of it.

Reports state, “The UAW based its claim that the Romney family profited on an article published in The Nation magazine. That article claimed Romney’s family made more than $15 million through the auto bailouts based on investments in a company invested in Delphi.”

The article mentioned by the UAW was carefully examined as well as other supporting articles and no one else seems to be finding any issues. One report mentions, “The original article noted that Romney’s disclosures were not illegal, meaning, in fact, that they were legal.”

The Office of Government Ethics, where the UAW complaint was filed has not been available for comment about any of this. While this news has been released, but not to major news stations, it is doubtful any action will be taken anytime soon. With the long list of other allegations and blame that continues to be thrown at both presidential candidates for everything that is wrong with our country today this one could get lost in the fray for quite some time.

Author: John Storey

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